Thursday, November 11, 2004

my artwork - the YOYO

#1 in the Clown Series.
The origins of clowns can be traced back to the Circus Maximus of Rome. Clowns started as Greek and Roman mimes and were usually bald-headed, padded stupid fools.
The modern circus began around 1768 and the first circus clowns appeared at Phillip Astley's. Some early clowns were Arlecchino, Pierrot and Harlequin. Joey Grimaldi originated the white-faced tradition and the baggy dress, large shoes and sloppy manners were made popular by Auguste in the 1860s. The sad-faced Emmett Kelly is perhaps the most well known modern day clown.
Since their beginnings centuries ago, clowns, through their buffoonery and ridiculously exaggerated antics have always brought joy into our hearts.

published by Masalla Galleries Graphics - Vancouver, BC

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© Masalla Galleries Graphics 1995


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can i buy this clown, and do you have anymore that I can see?

2:44 p.m.  

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