Wednesday, October 13, 2004

excerpt from my screenplay - Nashville Dreams

The bullet ricochets off the steel and the sound zings away. The trio crouch in one motion. FDR's eyes are wide. They're watching the speeding car, helpless to evade.

If them guys ever stop to aim, we're goners.

Well they ain't aimin' t' stop.

They lie flat atop the boxcar. The road beside the tracks curves away and the automobile disappears behind a cluster of roadside trees. The train heads into a long slow curve toward a trestle in the distance, crossing a green river.

That car out there's gonna cross this river somewhere too, an' then the road 'll join up with the tracks again. This's our chance comin' up.

The river. Yep.

You m-mean j-j-jump for it?

Them hillbillies in that car's gonna get beside us again an' get a good shot. We're the targets.

FDR (wide-eyed)
I don' th-think I c-c-can jump.

You got twenty seconds to decide boy!

The river appears deep and slow moving. The road is no longer in sight.

This be our only chance.

The train nears the trestle. Elijah stares hard at Jackson.

Quit lookin' at me like that. You're all grow'd up, a free man you keep sayin’, you didn't have t' come!

ELIJAH (smiling)
Didn't say nothin', man. You jus' feelin' guilty.

Y-You jumpin' Elijah?

I is jumpin’, Boy. Socks need a wash anyway.

It's all in the timing.

They brace themselves as the train starts across the trestle, clutching their instruments and bags. Whistlestop has been forgotten. Jackson hands his violin case to FDR and whistles for the dog. Whistlestop runs to Jackson who picks him up, holding him tightly.

We can't forget your dog, FDR.

FDR turns to look at Jackson, surprised.

MY dog? I th-thought he was YOUR dog!

Elijah jumps.


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